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Ugh...I dread it!!

Have you ever really dreaded something? Maybe it was a difficult conversation you knew you had to have. Or maybe a medical appointment that was going to be terribly uncomfortable or could result in bad news? Maybe it was a long drive – even to a desired destination. Or maybe, it’s going to back to work after a week of vacation.

To dread is “to feel worry or fear about something that could or will happen”.

I guess I had never really considered the textbook definition of dread. I’ll be honest, my heart sank a little as I came across two of my least favorite words… worry and fear. Once again, I’m reminded what scripture tells us about both of those things. “Do not worry” and “do not fear.” And once again I’m reminded that I still haven’t mastered them. In fact, some days I wonder if I’ve made any progress at all.

Do you think that God just doesn’t get it? Do you think that those scriptures look great on graphic T-shirts and coffee mugs but they aren’t real for us? Why do so many of us struggle with those things so often?

As I continue to wrestle out my faith in these areas, here are five things I’m learning to believe to combat worry, fear and even dread. Perhaps you might find them helpful too.

1) God’s plan for my life is better than what I could even begin to dream or imagine. I do not have to see beyond my next step to trust that He will make a way.

2) Nothing comes into my life that hasn’t been caused by or allowed by God and He is sovereign.

3) This world will never fully satisfy me…and it isn’t supposed to.

4) I’m not powerful enough to screw up the will of God. He will fulfill His purpose in me.

5) Often God is showing the most grace when He takes us through the hardest stuff. He does some of His best work in the wilderness.

Whatever it is that you are dreading today…He already knows. You don’t have to pretty it up for Him and you don’t have to pretend for fear you’ll disappoint Him. Just like a child who grabs the hand of his father for security when he walks into a dark room, you can grab His hand to walk you through the things you dread. In fact, that’s exactly what He wants you to do.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8


Stephani Cook is a life coach, speaker, writer, podcast host and the creator of On Purpose Coaching. Through On Purpose Coaching she helps others to improve relationships and to discover intentional abundant living. She does that through group and/or individual coaching, live event speaking or Enneagram workshops in private and corporate settings.

To connect with Stephani about the possibility of coaching or speaking to your group or organization, visit her website


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