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Want to improve your self-awareness, relationship with God and your relationship with others? 


Enneagram Coaching is just what you need! 

Start with my free assessment to discover your type. 

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Enneagram Coaching

As an Enneagram 2, “The Helper”, I have spent most of my life focused on others in an effort to do whatever I could to be of service and help to them. I enjoyed a very long career in school psychology (26 years in fact) only to find that the job I once enjoyed so passionately was leaving me feeling frustrated and discontent. As I searched for the happiness and contentment that seemed lost to me, I discovered the Enneagram. Through learning more about this tool, I experienced a season of tremendous spiritual growth and discovered things about God and myself that I had never realized before. As painful as that season felt at the time, I now know that God took me to a valley to help mold me in preparation for a new chapter of my life. And I want to teach you what I’ve learned! That is how On Purpose Coaching was born.

The Enneagram is a personality tool that examines not only our thoughts, feelings and behaviors - but also the motives behind them. Because it considers the "why" and not just the "what" it is powerful for personal growth. When we consider those things from a Gospel centered perspective, in light of who we can be because of what Christ has done, we will can learn to live more freely and abundantly!

Start by taking my free assessment to discover your Enneagram type.  

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