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Stephani Cook

Certified Life and Enneagram Coach

Let me help you love your life!!


For Educators Only

Enrollment Open Through August 18th! 

Join me for monthly online coaching created around the needs of those who work in the field of education. 

Why You Need a Coach!

Chances are that you visit your doctor for annual well check ups in an effort to stay healthy and prevent medical emergencies in the future. But I'm guessing you may not be as proactive when it comes to your mental health? Yeah...most of us aren't.

Coaching helps you to be the best version of yourself by:

  • Improving self-awareness

  • Defining goals and plans to achieve them

  • Outlining and developing spiritual disciplines

  • Defining core values and focusing on intention

  • Preparing for times of transition

  • Rediscovering passions or changing career paths

Don't wait until you are in a crisis. Take care of yourself today so that you are ready for whatever life brings your way. 


Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram is a wonderful tool to help with self-awareness, communication and empathy for others. Through Enneagram coaching you can expect to discover your main type, explore how your personality impacts relationships and improve your emotional intelligence and healthy thinking.


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What's Your Story Podcast


Each week we invite a guest to share her story of faith in the hopes that you will be encouraged, inspired and will give thought to your own unique gifts and talents to be used to the glory of God.  New episode released every Sunday.

Let's Connect

I love to provide content to help you live on purpose, with purpose and for purpose. You can follow along here: 

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