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When Mother's Day Isn't Happy

Happy Mother’s Day! A simple phrase around a day to celebrate all of the women who give freely of themselves to love their children with everything they have to give.

But, this year, it seems more than ever, I am reminded that Mother’s Day isn’t "happy" for everyone. It won’t be "happy" for many who have buried their mothers and still miss them every single day. They will struggle to find any celebration on this difficult day.

It won’t be “happy” for the woman who wants desperately to be a mother yet struggles with infertility despite all of her efforts. She will have difficulty celebrating a day that feels elusive to her.

It won’t be “happy” for the mother who grieves the death of a child. In fact, it may feel unbearable to consider any kind of a celebration.

It won’t be “happy” for the mother with a prodigal child who has made the choice to sever the relationship or for the child whose mother is the greatest source of emotional or maybe even physical pain for him or her.

Whatever the reason that might make Mother’s Day feel anything but “happy” for you, please know you have a God who sees and knows you. He has collected every one of your tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8) and knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7). My prayer is that you feel HIS love wrap around you like only He can and that you are comforted with peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:6) on Mother’s Day and always.

And for those of us who don’t necessarily fall into any of those categories, may we be sensitive to those who do while also giving honor on this special day to those who have been amazing mothers to us. I have learned as I’ve grown older that not everything can be EITHER/OR…sometimes it can be AND. It’s possible to celebrate what’s good AND to consider what hurts on the same day.

For the brand new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day...congratulations and Happy Mother's Day!

For the mother/child relationships that have been reconciled this year...we say "Hallelujah!" and Happy Mother's Day!

For the women who may not have given birth to us but who have been amazing mothers to us all the same...Happy Mother's Day!

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom. I am so grateful to be your daughter and I know how much you miss your mom today and everyday. I love you. ❤️


Stephani Cook is a life coach, speaker, writer, podcast host and the creator of On Purpose Coaching. Through On Purpose Coaching she helps others to improve relationships and to discover intentional abundant living. She does that through group and/or individual coaching, live event speaking or Enneagram workshops in private and corporate settings.

To connect with Stephani about the possibility of coaching or speaking to your group or organization, visit her website

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