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Someone Needs to Hear This!

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

Have you ever had an experience you couldn’t wait to tell others about? You know, like a great meal, a good book, a wonderful movie or super exciting news? That is exactly how I feel about what I want to share with you today. I’m not sure who else needs this word, but I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to write about it.

As many of you may know, after a very long career as a school psychologist in public schools, I feel that I am called to launch a new ministry to help others improve their relationships, live purposefully and discover abundant living. As with any new endeavor, I feel like I am constantly pushing a boulder up a mountain as I work so hard to get information out to those folks I know could benefit greatly.

What many of you may not know, is that I’ve been here before. This is not my first go at something like this. In 2002, I quit my job to launch a ministry called “Train up a Child”, a parenting curriculum I developed when my children were very young. At the time, I felt a lot of what I’ve experienced with this new venture. I was super passionate about the message. I believed that God would be glorified and that He had called me to step out in faith. But, after only a year, fear took over and I ran safely back to the shore where I knew I had sure footing and returned to a full-time job in the schools. In retrospect, I don’t know if that was failure or wisdom because I was not quite ready to be subject to scrutiny and criticism which inevitably come with public speaking. I doubt that my fragile psyche, full of insecurity, could have withstood it.

Anyhoo, I find myself almost in the same place today I was 18 years ago, yet more sure than ever that the dream I’ve always had in my heart is actually His calling on my life. I believe Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will fulfill His purpose in me…” but when I try to get my head around the how, I still tend to start looking over my shoulder at the safety of the shore. There are so many odds stacked against me. I could go into the details of all of my “why this will never work” list, but those really aren’t what’s important. We ALL have those lists when it comes to things we think are too hard for us, don’t we?

Here’s the part you HAVE to hear……as I was going through that list in my head this morning and feeling so discouraged, this illustration came to my mind. I just love it.

Photo by Fachy Marín on Unsplash

Have you ever been riding a bike and had the chain come off? You know, you’re riding along, pedaling with all you’ve got to move forward and then all of a sudden, your pedaling doesn’t change, but you are no longer moving? You can pedal and pedal and pedal and it just makes your legs tired but gets you nowhere. In my spirit, I heard Him say, “What you are feeling…the effort with no momentum, is just like that my child. You are pedaling that bike, but the power lies in the chain being connected to the gears. You are not tapping into the source of your power."

Immediately I was reminded of the New American Standard translation of Psalm 46:10, “Cease striving and know that I am God.”

When I have moments like that and don’t want to forget them, I go to my journal. As I began to journal around this idea, He continued to speak by reminding me of these things in Scripture.

I made the Universe out of nothing

I made man from the dust

I made woman from a rib

I turned water into wine

I parted the Red Sea with a stick

I turned a snack of fish and bread into a feast

I turned mud into sight healing medicine

I used a young boy and a slingshot and made a hero

I used a stutterer to be a prophet

I turned my greatest critic into my greatest evangelist

Do you really think I can’t work THIS out for you?

“With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

What seemingly impossible situation are you facing in your life today? I encourage you, make sure the chain is securely on your bike before you try to pedal your way through it. And even then, realize that sometimes you will feel like you are coasting down a giant hill and things couldn’t be any easier, but you will still have those days when you pedal more slowly and with more effort because it feels way too hard. But always remember, His power is made perfect when we are weakest. (2 Corinthians 12:9).

We are called to an “On Purpose” life….please don’t give up on yours!!

Through On Purpose Coaching I have created the tools you need to improve relationships, live purposefully and discover the abundant life we've been promised as believers. As a life coach, speaker, writer and podcaster, I am here for let me know how I can assist in any way.

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