For Educators Only

Something incredibly special just for you!


When I began On Purpose Coaching, it was with educators in mind. I know first hand the difficulties that come with the profession and how draining it can often be. I wanted to be a source of practical guidance, encouragement, wisdom (from experience) and quite frankly, just a cheerleader for the people I love the most.  


After our first On Purpose event in the fall of 2020, many shared that they wished there was a way to receive that kind of encouragement more often than once a year. So, in response, I have created a space where I can do just that and you can join me!


Welcome to the On Purpose Insiders Group for Educators only!  

Here you will receive monthly live coaching and Q and A around topics such as burnout, dealing with difficult people, self-care strategies, time management, how to let go of what you can't control, fun things to do on a budget, and this is just a start. You'll also get regular encouragement through newsletters, free giveaways, discounted event and coaching prices and more!  


Enrollment is only open during the months of March and August, so don't miss this short window to grab your spot. You can choose to pay monthly or save a few dollars by choosing a 6-month subscription. ($25/monthly or $144 for six months)