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For Educators Only

Something incredibly special just for you!


When I began On Purpose Coaching, it was with educators in mind. I know first hand the difficulties that come with the profession and how draining it can often be. I wanted to be a source of practical guidance, encouragement, wisdom (from experience) and quite frankly, just a cheerleader for the people I love the most.  


After our first On Purpose event in the fall of 2020, many shared that they wished there was a way to receive that kind of encouragement more often than once a year. So, in response, I have created a space where I can do just that and you can join me!


Welcome to the On Purpose Insiders Group for Educators only!  

Here you will receive monthly live coaching and Q and A around topics such as burnout, dealing with difficult people, self-care strategies, time management, how to let go of what you can't control, fun things to do on a budget, and this is just a start. You'll also get regular encouragement through newsletters, free giveaways, discounted event and coaching prices and more!  


Enrollment is only open twice a year so don't miss this short window to grab your spot. You can choose to pay monthly or save a few dollars by choosing a 6-month subscription. ($30/monthly or $175 for six months)   

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