Oh How He Loves Us
A 30-Day Devotional 

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Perhaps, you grew up singing the simple children's song, "Jesus Loves Me".

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so.

As children we may sing these words with confidence and assurance, but as we get older and have more life experiences, it may not seem so simple.

Does He love me when I struggle to love myself?

Does He love me when I compare or am filled with jealousy?

Does He love me even when I'm angry with my kids or when I share in a conversation filled with gossip?

Does He really love every version of me?

Oh How He Loves Us is a 30-day Devotional designed to help you explore what the Bible says about how we are loved. Each day will provide you with a scripture, a short commentary, several questions to guide journaling or reflection and a brief prayer. 

The goal is not to give you a feel-good anecdote that makes you smile and walk away unchanged each day. Rather, the hope is to point you to a daily scripture that stays with you as you go about your life and causes you to reflect more deeply as you meditate on it.

Oh How He Loves Us is perfect as:

  • An accompaniment to your regular Bible reading

  • A devotional for personal or group use

  • A Mother's Day or Birthday Gift for any special woman in your life

  • Encouragement for someone experiencing grief or disappointment

  • A "Just Because" gift

We all want to know we are loved. Oh How He Loves Us will remind you just how much.

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